How men get acquainted in Kiev. TOP-15 most popular phrases

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The most common bait, in addition to the question "which hour" is the phrase: "Girl, and your mother does not need a son-in-law?"

The male half of the inhabitants of the city-hero of Kiev in recent years, it is increasingly difficult to strike up an acquaintance with a girl right on the street. Criminogenic situation leaves much to be desired, and stories about "maniacs in the area" Kiev people hear from school. It is not surprising, therefore, that according to a survey of one of the glossy magazines, only 17% of women are initially ready for "street flirting". The rest say that they get acquainted with men "at the road" only in those rare cases when they are able to interest. Actually, the art of interest and exercise the representatives of the stronger sex.

The most common bait, in addition to the traditional question "which hour" is the phrase: "Girl, and your mother does not need a son-in-law?". She, as shown by our cursory survey among men and girls, has been holding the championship for several years. From new "baits" (see the schedule) it is possible to allocate a novelty – "As you think, Tymoshenko will plant?". True, this question makes sense only for those ladies who have some signs on the face that she is interested in something other than glossy magazines and talent shows.

AS IT WAS. In past times, people from Kiev used different approaches and political themes for acquaintance on the streets (like "how do you think they shot Beria?") Tried not to use it. "Nowadays we started with compliments: for example, a girl was told:" You have just a wonderful dimple on your left cheek, "Anatoly Ursolov, a 78-year-old from Kiev told us." And my friends and I were offered help in the streets. For example, dragged a bag home or stood for us in line, "- said 67-year-old Valentina Kravchuk.

Professionals get acquainted in a cafe

But the pickups (men trained for the professional seduction of women) say that dating on the street is the least effective. Сhoose ukrainian online dating. "On the street, when a woman is in a hurry, it's almost impossible to get acquainted with her, it's better to do it indoors: whether it's a tram or a cafe, and if you still decide to have a conversation with a girl on the street, then the phrase "in context." Well, for example, if she and you are walking with a dog, then tell me that your pets are very suitable for each other, and if you stand at a stop, then consider it and refer to the phrase that is right for it. , "Girl, you are very go these spirits," – told us Zhenya Kai, one of the organizers in the pick-up trainings. To effectively met, he advises pre "eye contact", that is, to exchange glances with the girl and to assess whether it is ready to communicate. By the way, three-week course pikapera cost several hundred dollars.

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